SalonScale is an app for hairstylists to measure the cost of hair color. With the launch of their new scales, the goal was to encourage more subscription sign ups and upgrade existing customers into new scales.

The Team

Campaign Manager: Caila Ellerman

Storyboard and Concept: Caila Ellerman

Content Manager: Michelle Fergusson

Photographer: Nicole Romanoff 

Videographer: SJ Kardash 

Post Editor: Caila Ellerman 

Advertising: Michelle Fergusson


We wanted to infuse tech with the vivid colours and elegance of the beauty industry. We encompassed this by personalizing the product through four colours that match the colors of the brand, to evoke a connection with the audience. The project was created over a two photo and video shoot. The first day with models and the second of our product. The storyboard and shot list consisted of 50 variations to give us the most flexibility to create this digital campaign. Once we released, we sparked conversation with a quiz that asked: “what scale are you?” as a means to garner engagement and capture more leads.