The Project

Farming Karma Fruit Co. is a beverage line that produces fruit sodas, vodka seltzers, and mocktails across BC. The project was to create a new look and feel for their Fruit Soda and Vodka Seltzer lines, as well as create a brand identity and packaging design for their Mocktail lines. 

The Team

Caila Ellerman

Lead Project Manager

Yves Staheli

Support Project Manager

Julien Staheli

Graphic Designer


Our goal was to create a brand that was bold, vibrant and exciting in order to make it pop off the shelves in stores. Our initial project was to create the brand identity for the Mocktail line proceeded to conduct a brand workshop to define the look and feel and determine the appropriate target audience.


The launch of their 4 products, resulted in our company doing a redesign for their 5 Fruit Soda packaging, the 5 Vodka Seltzer packaging and two video ad campaigns adding an additional $25,000 in revenue