The Project

Solid Earth is a certified reiki clinic specializing in holistic medicine. The purpose of this project was to create a visual brand identity in order to gain clients before launch


Design & Identity: Caila Ellerman


I first engaged the client in brand workshop where we identified the look and feel for the brand and identified his key target audience. The goal was to create a brand that still attracted to female audiences, while representing the masculine feel of the owner. We determined the brand to have a clean, modern and light feel with a compassionate tone. 

The Logo

I used geometrics shapes to mimic crystals that are typically used in energy healing, while also tying it back to the earthy feel that has a more masculine presence to it. I chose a cursive font to make it more approachable and to tie it into the more feminine aspect. 

Brand Colours

Blue was the forefront of the decision for this brand as water is a key element in reiki healing for cleansing properties, used commonly to reflect creativity, and can be seen as both feminine and masculine. 


Naturallus was used to be the accent and logo font, while Bodini72 was used to be the secondary