1. Compelling Brand Identity: The rebranding efforts resulted in a compelling brand identity for VRP, effectively communicating the company’s values and establishing a memorable visual presence in the market.

  2. Modernized Website: The redesigned website provided a seamless and engaging experience for users, from browsing through RV models to accessing informative content. The modernized design contributed to increased user engagement and satisfaction.

Project Details

Rosman RV, a leading player in the recreational vehicle industry, was looking to rebrand itself as VRP.


  1. Brand Workshop: We conducted collaborative workshops with key stakeholders from VRP to understand their vision, mission, and the unique selling propositions that set them apart in the RV industry. This facilitated the development of a brand strategy that informed the subsequent design decisions.

  2. Design Iterations: The design team worked through multiple iterations to create a logo and visual elements that encapsulated the spirit of VRP. Feedback from the client was instrumental in refining the designs until they perfectly encapsulated the essence of the rebranded company.

  3. User-Centric Website Redesign: Employing a user-centric approach, we analyzed user behavior, feedback, and industry trends to inform the website redesign. The new site not only featured an aesthetically pleasing design but also prioritized functionality, ease of navigation, and responsiveness across devices

The Team

Yves Staheli

Lead Project Manager

Caila Ellerman

Content & Brand Development

Julien Staheli

Graphic Designer

Jakir Hassan

Web Developer